Mercury Auto Industries located in jamnagar (Gujarat), "the place for brasspart" is well known industry dealing in manufacturing and exporting the brass part items. Our products are used widely in auto parts and fittings.

   Emerged in 1975 Mercury Auto Industries always work for high quality standards and customer satisfaction.We provide wide range of products for those who are searching for specialised auto parts and fittings.

    We have expertise and experience in the field of brass industries.Our production of brass categories includes all kinds of fittings like Compression tube fitting,Hose fitting,Flare fitting,Brass fitting for marine application,Fire fighting hose cupling,Grease fitting.

    We use top quality of material in the production of the items to ensure the optimum quality production.The production of goods manufactured are defect free.Every product has to pass through various kinds of quality test and that product is only released in the market.All products are made from high quality brass.

Our Goal:

Satisify the customers requirements and deliver the goods on time with best service.
Mercury Auto Industries